The Plan

The Super 6 game will have 6 rounds and that being

  • The BRONZE round
  • The SILVER round
  • The GOLD round
  • The DIAMOND round
  • The PLATINUM round and
  • The Lifestyle round

The following a summary of the Super 6 game.

  • Each player MUST invite 6 other players to the game.
  • No age restriction
  • No registration or entrance fee to play the game
  • Only a “once-off” $18 needed to start participating in the game.
  • In the game the players will be instructed to pay to each other into the games “family line” We want all to feel like it is family and team players helping each other.
  • The player who invite you will be your “father” figure”
  • The player who brought your father will be your “grandfather”
  • The six players you invite will be know as your “children” and you will train them and care for them like you do for your own children.
  • The players invited by your “children” will be your “grand children”.
  • The game has rules as any other game regarding the instructions given to players on the Mobile and Website Apps.
  • The Super 6 game cannot be played if the few simple rules are not followed strictly.
  • The currency used for payment is Crypto Currency because it is easy and quick to send money to other players even if they are on the other side of the world.
  • To set up a Crypto Currency account can be in under 5 minutes and is in the Super 6 PowerPoint as presentation and training.
  • Also, in the PowerPoint the rules of the Game are explained as well as the setting up of a Blockchain account which you will need to make payments to other players.
  • The Super 6 APP can be found on the Super 6 website If not a Player yet then click on REGISTER and have ready the Player Code (also referred to as the Players Code) of the person who invited you to the game. Also have your Blockchain Wallet set up funded with say $20. $18 will be needed once-off to start the game and $2 will be more than sufficient for transaction fees.
  • The Super 6 Mobile App can also be downloaded from Play Store on Android devices.
We are now part of the gaming world which is very big and active with 2.8 billion people participating.
The $18 to start playing the game is a once-off fee.
It is very important to know the rules of the game and well as the way how payments are made to other payers.
Clicking of TEAM on the DASHBOARD shows your six team players. Click on each of them and see their teams.
This PAYMENT INSTRUCTION section is very important. This will take you to the page where you are instructed
This is a very important part of the game. PLAYERS MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY AS GIVEN ON THE APP. First PAY and THEN CLICK THE SEND ALERT BUTTON. Failing to do this will lead to immediate blacklisting and “red carded” for the game.
The following TRANSACTIONS are equally important as the above. When you see that a payment has been made, go to your Blockchain Wallet and see if the payment was received. Then go back and follow the instructions as on the picture below. Do it once and the second time is easy.
The LEVEL STATUS page shows what has been done by your players (children) and their children …your Grand Children. You will have the telephone numbers of your 6 players. But you can see your grandchildren and their performance. So if something's not right with grandchildren, then call you player (child) in whose team that grandchild is.
Your Father figure in the game must train you very well to know all and set you up with a Crypto Wallet
Follow these steps and set up your Blockchain Wallet in under 5 minutes.
At the bottom of the Home Page (DASHBOARD) on the Blockchain App you will see the following buttons.
Press send 2nd bottom button from right and SEND page opens.
NEVER EVER write down a Crypto address. Copy and paste it always.
Sending money has never ever been easier.
Here you get your Crypto Account or BTC Account code.
The Bitcoin wallet address is found under the QR code.
If you do not do this and you lose your password or mobile, then you cannot recover your funds ever. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO.
  • At the top , players in this round starts with $18 to play the game and if all boxes in “LEVEL STATUS” has green ticks (That means that all payments were confirmed and all payments received is acknowledged then:
    • The player is a QUALIFIER for the MDP the moment his 6 “children” made all their payment. And when his “grandchildren” also made all their payments he moves through the Bronze round.
    • And he also qualifies for Silver.
  • Players will be instructed to make Crypto payments. SEE SLIDE BELOW…
    • The first player in the line of six will make TWO payments. 1. To ADMIN and 2. To Product. So, this player will only make 2 payments.
    • The other 5 players will be instructed to make 3 payments. 1. To the FATHER, 2. To the GRAND FATHER and 3. To product …IF THERE IS A PRODUCT PAYMENT IN THAT ROUND. ONLY 4 OUT OF THE 6 ROUNDS HAVE A PRODUCT PAYMENT.
    • On the slide can be see what, in this BRONZE ROUND the 5 players after the player who paid to ADMIN, will pay to the father…that is $4 you will receive from 5 players (CHILDREN)
    • You will also receive $10 for 30 GRAND CHILDREN. Again, the first player in every group pays to ADMIN.
    • Within minutes you can have $320 dollars in your CRYPTO WALLET.
This is a summary of what you start the rounds with. Only the BRONZE amount will be a once-off out of pocket amount to start the game with.
SUPER 6 is clean in any way that is looked at it. In no country in the world are there laws that prohibit one person paying money into the account of another person who has given his consent as well as his / her banking details.
Super 6 is the first in a package of opportunities coming to you out of one “stable”. Super 6, the game, will be the stepping stone taking members / players into the Crypto Investment company INBS where teams are built for members and for them there is NO RECRUITING or INVITING done. Members will see their teams grow as members from all over the globe are placed into their teams.
Then there is the International Rewards Program which was developed over 8 years and incorporates 3 world firsts as seen on the next slide. People internationally will never stop shopping and charities will never stop caring. So, this is life long residual incomes for member ranging between $20 000 and more than $50 000 per month residually paid into their PayFM (Pay From Mobile) Financial wallet. The company will also have its own International Payment Gateway.
Potential incomes for members who have full teams of people who registered FOR FREE and will do normal shopping and pay nothing extra. The businesses and charities will reward the members of the IRP. So this puts the IRP out of the MLM market as members are not paid by other members.
These were the challenges faced and which, when overcome, resulted in the MILLION DOLLAR PLAN as seen below.
The EAGLE team will continue and all will play the SUPER 6 game there. This EAGLE TEAM will never stop as the other teams in the MDP. New members from all over the world will play and qualify for the MDP.
This EAGLE TEAM will be the feeding ground for taking players into the MDP which consists of 10 teams. Through a unique and world first system ALL players will play multiple games in one SUPER 6 and earn in the 4 months after entering the MDP over $1 million. The full logic of the plan cannot be discussed here, but players can see here that all get a chance to be at the top and do one or two cycles in that game where they are at the top.
Players start in the EAGLE TEAM and qualify. Then placed into the ALPHA TEAM. Now playing in 2 games. 10 days later the game stops. You and all in ALPHA now move to BRAVO. A new team is made in EAGLE and you are there again. All taken to ALPHA and then ALPHA and BRAVO start on the same day.