INBS Mainston

INBS Mainston

Members will participate in the Super 6 program and earn from friends helping them. Going through the Super 6 section’s members will be instructed to pay a small portion into a Crypto Investment Account. These payments will be added together and sent to my leader in INBS Mainston, Mr Thierry Ocho in Nice, France to place members into the INBS Mainston business. Members teams will grow while they watch from their back offices. Members do no recruiting and no marketing. If members however wish to do marketing and grow their personal teams even faster then, they are welcome to do so. Official trainers have been appointed and training sessions via zoom will be done and training schedules placed on the Super 6 Website. See this website under TRAINING. All questions regarding the INBS / Super 6 initiative to be sent to PLEASE ONLY INBS related questions.

There are PDF to explain the INBS Compensation Plan

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“The most important challenge posed to any cryptocurrency on the planet is not that it is free of any central authority, or that its borderless, or its open, or public or censorship resistance. The real problem in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world is ADOPTION, which is why the real gold in this disruptive industry is found in only one place, PEOPLE.”

Fabrice Kerherve, Founder & President of INBS SA.

Mainston International has successfully secured its funding round, raising a total of USD 8.2M US$ in 4 months’ time.

Mainston International has created and developed a utility token named STON.

The STON will be a new-age cryptocurrency supported by a truly decentralized, one hundred percent transparent, and globally contracting blockchain that can be adapted and scaled up to handle a large variety of businesses looking to negotiate contracts for the benefit of all parties involved.

The round was led by INBS SA, a networking and marketing company based in Lisbon Portugal.

Additionally, INBS SA will act as a strategic partner using its network of entrepreneurs and customers to advise on other key strategic decisions and aid in Mainston International’s growth.

The board of Mainston International added “The funds raised during this round will be used to; constantly optimize our blockchain, enhance our marketplaces services and products, upgrade our operations, offer promotions, marketing and to reward our entrepreneurs around the world. Also, we will allocate a portion of the funds to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies in all of its jurisdictions where applicable.”

The Strategic Synergy Between the Two Entities.

Mainston International is an innovative cryptocurrency blockchain company based on Ethereum that is built for all levels of distribution, marketing and promotion. The Mainston model is designed to run on any smart contract capable blockchain.

On another hand, INBS SA also introduces a never seen before networking distribution tool which is a marketing strategy maker—allowing entrepreneurs all around the world to create “added value” services and products.

INBS SA is a global e-commerce business operator that specializes in networking combined with high-quality products and services. It is designed this way with the goal of becoming the world’s most ubiquitous multi-networking platform.

One of the main goals of INBS SA is to facilitate the total adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to new users, clients and customers as well as retailers, brick and mortar shops, wholesalers, online shop, e-commerce businesses.

Patrick Colin, Chairman of the board and Founder of INBS SA added:

“Mainston International is an innovative and exciting project because of the synergies involved between both our company and the cryptocurrency Ethereum blockchain platform. INBS SA introduces a concept which is fresh and we believe that they have the potential to be a top player in the crypto world and they have the right team to achieve this. Hence, we see this as a strategic partnership which will be extremely beneficial to both parties. Also, our networking, which today represents more than 28,000 people in 106 countries after only 4 months of operation, unambiguously demonstrates the adequacy and potential for the concept.”

INBS SA aims to be the blueprint for professional integrity through their Mainston partnership on the transparent Ethereum blockchain platform while adding incredible features to the blockchain.

These features include:

E-voting—where the stakeholders establish the rules, which is a truly decentralized and performance-based blockchain that will be controlled and governed, entirely and directly by its voting community. Voting powers will be available to anyone who owns the utility token STON,

no matter how small or big his or her stake is.

A new Ethereum blockchain (Mainston) trade infrastructure that is practical and transparent to the core.

INBS Networking Structure: Redistribution of the wealth through a specific and unique Reward Plan

INBS Networking PRO: It will be the first integrated application to provide user-friendly access to a unique Network of wholesalers, retailers, dealers, Brick & Mortar companies, shops and e-commerce platforms.

High token liquidity and fast Integration with at least 2 Exchangers. Today, the STON is currently listed on LATOKEN.

INBS Reward plan: it is not possible for anyone to change or modify the percentage and/or the earnings in the reward plan without the approval of 75% of the INBS community;

INBS Data Base Genealogy: it is not possible for anyone to change or modify the data base genealogy, position and/or sponsoring processes without the approval of 75% of the INBS community;

INBS KYC for individuals and companies: (facial recognition using a selfie, passport and other IDs, OFAC and Interpol cross-referencing, etc.). It is not possible for anyone else to be sponsored, enrolled or signed up as you or any of your partners once your KYC is confirmed within the INBS community.

INBS has built a Motivated and Competent Team with vast international experience

Instant Purchases from Smart Contracts through your personal crypto wallet using BTC, ETH, ERC-20 altcoins and also International debit cards or bank transfers.

INBS Marketplace products: wellness, health, beauty, cutting edge and innovative products and services.

Today, INBS already has within its marketplace three (3) innovative healthcare products (Rhinblue, 10K, 5K) based on Phycocyanin—with a new and unique scientific formula created by a highly respected and well-known laboratory in Switzerland.

The speed, reliability and user-friendliness of the service

INBS international customer support

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, INBS SA provides its entrepreneurs and clients with an opportunity to build their own networking community.

The final word from Sandra Colin, chairwoman of INBS SA :

“During the last 4 months, the INBS dream team has worked very hard on this innovative breakthrough concept, in collaboration with Mainston Ethereum blockchain technologies. Our first round of funding will allow our entrepreneurs and clients the opportunity to participate in such unexpected and extraordinary growth. INBS SA expects to disrupt industries such as networking, distribution, marketing, healthcare, wellness, mining, and blockchain using the utility token STON— while offering total transparency through our partnership with Mainston International. We’re very excited about the future for both companies.In 2020, INBS and Mainston will provide an opportunity for anyone to participate in a new paradigm of business and networking with the prospect of abundance, freedom and prosperity.”