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Technology Management

Infrastructure Management

We understand that your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business. And that any glitch in the foundation can disrupt your operations and lead to inefficiencies. We offer to proactively monitor your servers and network. Collecting equipment health data regularly helps us predict incidents before they occur.

We also offer strategic guidance to your internal IT team and allow them to prevent damages through proactive monitoring. Through our infrastructure management services designed for enterprises, we design, implement, manage, monitor, repair, maintain, and continually improve your systems.

With time, we expand the coverage of our services, allowing you to leverage our skilled technicians to reduce the cost of infrastructure management.

If your IT environment is mission-critical to you, consider using our services for:

  • OS Support and Patching
  • Hardware Lifecycle Management
  • Monitoring Host Systems
  • Network Configuration and Management

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Network And System Management Services

Customize Cloud Solutions

NewGen IT approach to cloud computing focuses on integrating the best technologies for your business needs. These include:

  • Support for any operating systems installed on your servers.
  • Application of OS patches released during our service tenure.
  • Updating drivers that need patching.
  • Hardware installation or elimination.
  • Hardware system upgrades when needed.
  • Monitoring and alert generation for host systems

Infrastructure composed of two or more clouds (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability

Network Management:

Here are a few tasks we are skilled and equipped to perform for your network’s health and efficiency:

  • Configuration of network connectivity
  • WAN setups
  • Wireless network set up and monitoring
  • Wired network installation and monitoring
  • Network planning (VLAN performance and security)
  • Firewall management
  • Cabling (labels, network diagrams)
  • Monitoring and alert generation for network issues
  • Performance tracking and alerting
  • Incident resolution
  • Fixing any loss of connectivity

We ensure your network and servers run at their best, require minimal downtime, and function reliably.

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Network And System Management Outsourcing Benefits

A lot of things go wrong when you try to involve your IT team in managing and supporting network and infrastructure. Some issues might need expert guidance, while others keep on repeating. And, we understand the feeling when things go ‘shunt’ in the night.

To prevent you from those nightmares, we help you maintain a working and reliable computer infrastructure. We have several engagement models for you to choose from to support and maintain the overall health of your systems.

As your extended arm, we monitor your systems continuously and take rapid action when things go downhill. Our network and IT specialists maintain your equipment and offer guidance to you before issues occur.

Our team stays accessible for you 24/7 so that you can rely on experts to help you whenever need be.

Slash IT infrastructure costs and leverage dependable services from a team of proficient IT equipment managers.

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Backup Solutions

We can’t make false promises. No network is 100% secure. The best strategy to keep-safe your information, data, and applications, is to implement strategic and automatic backups.

We help you stay carefree with our backup solutions, which include:

  • Encrypted backup to cloud storage
  • Alerts in cases of failure
  • Testing, restoring, and validating data/apps in cases of disaster
  • Virtual and Physical Servers
  • Local disk and tape rotation services
  • Offsite storage services for better security of data and applications.

We can implement secure backup services for organizations of any size or shape. Proof your data from disasters, security breaches, and any other untimely issue.

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Application Management And Database Administration

Your IT infrastructure rests on more than just hardware. Applications and data storage are critical assets for any organization as they bridge technology and people. In the digital era when all depends on the upkeep of technical assets, companies don’t want to risk their apps and storage facilities.

Our suite of application management and database administration services include:

  • Fractional resource utilization
  • Expertise in multiple disciplines
  • Custom development services
  • Software architecture designing and optimization
  • Report writing and analytics
  • Database administration and performance tuning

…all for optimized application and database performance.

Monitoring And Alerting

We understand how crucial it is for enterprises and organizations to keep a tab on their IT infrastructure. We offer comprehensive and continuous monitoring services that present in-depth insights into equipment health and generate alerts when something does not function as it is intended to.

Here’s what we offer:

  • 24×7 environment awareness
  • Automated exception-based alerting
  • Self-healing capabilities
  • Service desk integration

Avail our technology ecosystem management services to eliminate the hassle of managing the IT equipment. Help your engineers focus on expanding and enriching operations, instead of fixing tiny glitches.

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