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Human Resource Recruitment Services

Human Resource Recruitment Services

NewGen IT Solution has an expert team who develop a wide-ranging understanding of the customer business needs to deliver unmatched quality resources. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution can help balance and re-align human resources staff, by strategically outsourcing one or more parts of the recruiting process.


From managing internet/website resume intake and career portal management to traditional sourcing methods and networking, we can ensure a quality slate of candidates for all of your open positions.


Screening, assessments and testing to assure proper fit, along with comprehensive interviewing techniques results in highly qualified candidates. A professional approach and thorough communication improves employment branding and future employee satisfaction.


Management of the final screening and interviewing process, pre-hire assessments and offer coordination to assure a smooth, compliant and high-touch hiring process.


From paperwork management and required pre-hire if and equipment logistics, we can ensure employees have a positive, consistent experience as they start to work for your organization. Clear communication and efficient processes result in immediately productive, engaged employees.

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RPO solution can have several key benefits, including:

  • Scalable and Responsive Recruiting Engine
  • Decreased Burden on HR Staff of customer
  • Improved the quality of candidates.
  • Improved Employment Brand and Employee Retention
  • Happy Hiring Managers
  • Enhanced Change Management at all levels
  • Reduced Hiring Cycle Time and Hiring expenses.
  • Scalable Hiring Costs – From Fixed to Variable
  • Developed Compliances with Track and Report



In today’s world, Businesses are observing at all potential opportunity to decrease expenditures but at the same time want to increase effectiveness. HR team of most of the business houses are aiming to leverage Human Resource Outsourcing as a viable and modest mode of managing costs, this allow the company’s core resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than managing transactional activities in HR processes.

NewGen IT Solution helps understand new business needs and provide custom-made solutions & services that fit to the distinctive needs of customer business.We understands that companies are looking to HR Outsourcing for more than cost-savings and process effectiveness. That’s why NewGen IT unique HR Outsourcing Services produces awareness that ensure better and faster decisions which help transmitting the right information at right time, at right level.

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